Meet with Key Purchasers & Make Solid Connections

ProConnect Multifamily brings leading developers, contractors, and architects together with key product manufacturers and suppliers in the multifamily industry. ProConnect Multifamily delivers focused, 1-on-1 meetings which directly lead to sales opportunities for your team.

Why ProConnect Delivers Results

1-on-1 Meetings with Top-Level Product Specifiers

No trade show or conference can give you immediate 1-on-1 access to high-level product specifiers that ProConnect does. All Attendees are handpicked by ProConnect staff from among the most high-performing Developer, Builder, Contractor, and Design firms in North America

It takes our staff 3-4 months to identify, prescreen, and recruit the caliber of Attendees we deliver to our ProConnect Sponsors. Your sales team reaps the benefit of that effort in 16-18 meetings with these select Product Specifiers.

High Return on Investment

No trade show or conference can give you the ROI that ProConnect delivers. No standing around waiting for a prospect to maybe show up at your booth. ProConnect sits your sales team down for scheduled meetings with Product Specifiers who are eagerly seeking ideas and solutions — and have the authority to recommend and specify your products to their companies.

Sponsorship Limited by Category

To maximize opportunity for your sales team, ProConnect limits the number of sponsors in any single product category — unlike a trade show, where all your competitors are present. Your brand stands out at ProConnect.

That's the ProConnect Advantage.

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