ProCONNECT Attendees

"Well worth spending the time… All the vendors are really top-quality companies."

—Senior Development Director, GC/Developer

  • ProCONNECT Attendees have been handpicked by ProCONNECT staff on an invitation-only basis from among the most active firms performing new construction in key markets: Single-Family, Multifamily, Student Housing, and Class A Office/Workplace.
  • ProCONNECT Attendees are high-level decision-makers and product specifiers at their respective firms. They know what their companies need to build great projects.
  • ProCONNECT Attendees are experienced, dedicated professionals who are actively seeking information and solutions related to products, services, and technologies that can be applied to upcoming projects.
  • ProCONNECT Attendees are committed to giving their full attention to their 1-on-1 meetings with Sponsor Companies.

"Individual meetings with vendors were informative and enlightening."

BENEFITS for Attendees

  • Extremely efficient use of your valuable time — Meet with up to 16 Vendors in less than a day-and-a-half.
  • Wide variety of products, systems, and technologies from leading Building Product Manufacturers serving your specialty market: Single-Family, Multifamily, Student Housing, or Class A Office/Workplace.
  • Manageable size — Participation limited to 85-100 Attendees and Sponsors to promote interaction and relationship building.
  • Numerous networking opportunities — Frequent breaks and group meals give you quality time to meet other Attendees and continue your discussions with Sponsors.
  • Top-flight offsite social events — A fun night out with drinks, dinner, and casual conversation that builds long-term relationships for both Attendees and Sponsors.
  • "Boutique" setting in a luxury hotel/resort. All event-related travel expenses (hotel, airfare, group meals, ground transport to/from event airport) for Qualified Attendees paid by SGC Horizon.

To learn more about ProCONNECT, contact:

Dan Gardner, Program Director
[email protected]

Note: All event-related travel expenses (airfare, hotel, group meals, ground transport to/from airport) for Qualified Attendees are paid by ProCONNECT.

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